BRANCUSI 'Is it a bird?' 


We have created this performance at the request of the Province of Liege - Arts sector and of the Arsenic2 travelling popular theatre. It was presented for the first time on the 13 September 2014 at the Jehay Chateau in the framework of the Arts & Metals exhibition of the Province of Liege.
This free interpretation of Brancusi’s court case against the United-States was an astonishing blend of theatre, music, poetry and arts.


'October 1926. The Paris docks in New York On board, nineteen sculptures of Constantin Brancusi for the Brummer gallery one of which being the “Bird in Space”, an oblong object one metre-thirty five centimetres long. The American customs officers are strict: this is not a work of art; this “bird” is not one, it comes under “kitchen utensils and hospital equipment”; Brancusi must pay four thousand dollars in customs duty. The court case that the artist took against the United-States is the basis of this performance. The American Justice System sided with Brancusi. However, there was also a vast debate between the Ancients and the Modern, that is, between art called classic and that called modern art. What is art? That is the question. This performance - which sometimes seems more like a “happening” - is made up of reconstructions of the court case, but also of other texts as well as musical creations (verbal, musical).  The music is interrogated: suddenly a pop song is transformed into the rhythm of a mechanical clock...Note: this performance is essentially ironic. The point of view of the custom’s officer is legitimate. What would Phideas thing about the piling up of Brillo Boxes in a room in the MOMA in New York?'

Thierry Devillers



The choice of artists

At the same time, musicians, actors, singers, poets.... For the greatest freedom from the partitioning of genres.
Our choice is carried by six strong personalities; as much from an artistic point of view as their on-stage presence. A blend of genres for the music: jazz, electro, improv, contemporary-classical-traditional references. For the text: theatrical extracts, spoken poetry, quotations, extracts from the court case, songs...

On stage:


 MICHEL DEBRULLE  musician (drums, percussions)

 NICOLAS DECHÊNE  musician (guitars)

 THIERRY DEVILLERS  actor, singer

 ADRIEN LAMBINET  musician (trombone-tuba-electronic)

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